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Discover how Tilera’s manycore processors deliver the highest performance, performance per watt, and performance per square inch for network intelligence, video, and cloud applications


Tilera’s manycore processors provide customers with performance points ranging from 9 to 36 cores per processor. Tilera's processors are based on an intelligent mesh (iMesh™) architecture providing scalability to many cores and power efficiency.


Tilera offers a variety of production-ready platforms in multiple form factors to speed development and time to market for Tilera processors-based solutions. Tilera's platforms-offering includes PCIe cards, and standalone 1RU appliances.


The Tile architecture is supported in many open source projects including Linux, gcc, glbc, gdb and others. This enables our customers to run a standard Linux distribution and utilize a familiar, open source, environments in developing their applications.

Tilera also provides a set of market specific application toolkits for networking and multimedia, which take full advantage of the architecture and enable customers to achieve the highest application performance possible.


Join our Tilera training classes to gain deep understanding of the Tile architecture and general manycore programming concepts from the best talent in the industry.