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Product Overview

EZchip provides a range of powerful and flexible data-path processing solutions that drive networking systems in carrier, cloud, data-center and enterprise networks. High performance and flexibility underscore EZchip’s solutions and enable building high-throughput systems with layer 2-3 switching and routing, layer 4-7 stateful session processing and packet payload inspection, along with fine-grained traffic management. 

EZchip’s products incorporate extensive software offering and ecosystem enabling customers to leverage standard software development environments and source-level applications library to expedite their own software development and integration processes.
Network Processors     
NPS Processors
A game changing network processor that merges NPU performance with CPU flexibility and ease of programmability. The NPS-400 C-programmable packet processor at ultra-high 400-Gigabit throughput, supports all 7-layers with integrated traffic management to enable the next wave of high-performance intelligent carrier routers, data-center network equipment, and accelerates virtualized functions in emerging SDN and NFV networks.
  NP Processors
Highly-flexible network processors with integrated traffic management targeting Carrier Ethernet Switches and Routers (CESR) and other platforms that require high performance, flexible packet processing and fine-grained traffic management. EZchip’s NP products range in performance from the 200-Gigabit NP-5 to the 10-Gigabit NPA, and offer a choice of integrated ports for 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet and Interlaken.
Multicore Processors    
TILE-Gx Processors
The TILE-Gx™ processor family is optimized for networking, video, and cloud applications. This complete “system-on-a-chip” delivers the highest performance per watt per square inch. The family includes processors with 9, 16, 36, or 72 identical processor cores (tiles) interconnected with EZchip's iMesh™ on-chip network for maximum linear performance scaling. Each core consists of a full-featured 64-bit processor core with a standard Linux and C/C++ software environment, L1 and L2 cache and the non-blocking iMesh.
  TILE-Mx Processors
EZchip’s next generation multicore processor family is currently under development. The TILE-Mx processor with its high core-count and integrated hardware acceleration engines is set to deliver the world’s highest performance data-plane processing coupled with control-plane and complete application processing. With integrated state-of-the-art networking interfaces and massive memory bandwidth, the TILE-Mx processor is designed to deliver wire-speed processing for complex workloads in virtualized environments, while offering the ease of a C/C++ programming environment on top of standard Linux.
EZchip’s processors support C/C++ programming, Linux distribution and standard development tools to enable programmers to utilize a familiar environment and to design, implement and verify their control-plane and data-plane applications. A comprehensive library of source-code networking applications that can be embedded into the customer’s own application software is provided to expedite time-to-market and ensure optimized and high-performance designs. In addition, an ecosystem of third party pre-integrated software verified with EZchip’s processors for a variety of network applications is available.
Intelligent Network Adapters    
TILEncore-Gx Family
The TILEncore-Gx family of intelligent application adapter cards in a PCI Express form-factor delivers high-performance, scalable and power-efficient acceleration and offload to x86 servers and embedded appliances. With a range of compute power from the 9‑core TILE-Gx9 to the flagship 72-core TILE-Gx72, these adapter cards bring impressive new “software-defined” capabilities to existing systems. The TILEncore-Gx adapters include on-board DDR3 memory, from two to eight 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a suite of x86 drivers plus pre-ported offload and acceleration libraries, enabling rapid time-to-market.
Intelligent Appliances    
TILEmpower Appliances
The TILEmpower appliances are robust and feature-rich 1RU platforms featuring the powerful TILE-Gx™ family of processors, expandable memory and multiple 10Gbps and 1Gbps Ethernet ports. Coupled with a standard Linux distribution, the TILEmpower is a full Linux, high throughput, software-defined, programmable, networking platform ideal for running a variety of network applications with high performance. A variety of software applications are available pre-ported to the TILEmpower appliances including a 40Gbps SSL termination and transparent SSL proxy solution. TILEmpower is available in various configurations including carrier-grade high-availability features.
  NPS and NP Appliances
The NPS-400 and NP-5 appliances are 1U/1.5RU systems that offer flexible, intelligent and programmable data-plane processing at very high performance for implementing a smart TOR and a variety of network appliances, based on EZchip’s NPS-400 and NP-5/NP-4 network processors. They provide high throughput, fully programmable packet processing at all 7 layers as well as a variety of hardware accelerators for implementing a wide array of network applications for data centers and telecom networks. The systems offer 1, 10, 40 and 100GbE network interfaces, an embedded CPU for control-plane functions and a variety of carrier-grade high-availability features.

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