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This three-day introductory course is designed for engineers, who want to become familiar with the Tilera® TILE-Gx many-core architecture and Tilera’s Multicore Development environment (MDE).Upon completion of the course, the attendee will have a good understanding of the Tilera TILE-Gx™ architecture and will be able to use the development tools and APIs effectively. The attendees will also learn techniques that can be utilized to ramp development and maximize performance. Typically the training saves weeks of development time and enables engineers to be much more proficient in using Tilera’s processors


  • Processor, memory, and cache architecture
  • mPIPE™ packet acceleration engine
  • MiCA™ crypto and compression acceleration engines
  • Multicore Development Environment™ (MDE)
  • Techniques to maximize performance for multi-threaded applications


  • Accelerated development team ramp-up
  • Optimized product performance
  • Access to Tilera product experts who conduct the training sessions
  • Shorter project schedule
  • Lower total development costs
  • Reduced program risk