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Explore the various, customer-proven solutions which leverage Tilera’s products and delivering the highest performance, performance per watt, and performance per square inch in Network Intelligence, Video and Cloud Computing.


    TILE-IQ™ leverages the strengths of the TILE-Gx processor for high-throughput dataplane processing together with industry-standard x86 processors to enable solutions that result in 3x – 5x gains in performance and power-efficiency. Tilera offers the essential elements, including hardware, software and pre-ported applications that allow our customers to quickly deploy accelerated networking and security functions.

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  • Network Intelligence

    As the number of devices that connect to the network increases along with the associated applications available on such devices grows, so does the demand for more intelligence in the underlying network to effectively manage the complexity. The TILE-Gx processor family with it’s closely coupled I/O bridges the workload-computation gap imposed by the exploding IP traffic. Some of the applications that enable Network Intelligence are detailed below:

    40Gbps Software Programable Lossless Packet Capture

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS)

    Layer-7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

  • Video

    Video is growing at an exponential rate with ever increasing applications and evolving standards. High performance and programmability are needed to accommodate new compression standards, container formats, and services. Tilera processors provide the underlying compute for live video services in the enterprise. .

    Video Virtual Clients

    Web Collaboration


  • Cloud Computing

    Web datacenters are becoming the dominant consumer of servers and appliances. Their biggest need is for higher performance/watt/cubic foot/$. Tilera provides the most power and cost efficient servers and appliances that are powering several of the world’s top websites.

    In-memory Caching

    Application Switching