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150+ Million Packets per Second of Server Load Balancing Processing

Fast growth and increasing complexity of website datacenters are forcing datacenter operators to customize their infrastructure appliances. Current appliances for load balancing, security, and WAN optimization are not flexible enough. The latest appliances are targeting the enterprise datacenters and are too expensive. Several of the top 20 website datacenter infrastructure teams are using Tilera-based servers to run application switching and security applications customized for their need.

Key Features

  • Standard 1RU Server
  • Full Linux environment
  • Up to 8x TILE-Gx36 processors (288 cores)
  • Up to 32x10Gbps Ethernet ports
  • Up to 320Gbps of bulk crypto processing
  • Up to 160Gbps of compression processing
  • Up to 300Gbps of de-duplication processing
  • Standard open source LVS load balancing software

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and customizable datacenter appliance
  • High performance and performance density
  • Ease of use with open source LVS and a standard Linux distribution
  • LVS performance
    • 15Mpps with Direct Routing mode per processor
    • 20Mpps with NAT mode per processor
  • Low total cost of ownership