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Highest Density Video Codec Accelerator PCIe Card

Video usage by tablets, smart phones and mobile internet appliances is growing at an exponential rate. Moreover, video usage is evolving from video sharing to live and interactive video applications. These trends create a massive H.264 and H.265 encode workload in the cloud. Tilera is powering video streaming servers with PCIe video cards, which enable the highest density video encode accelerators.

Key Features

  • Full suite of HD video codec library
  • 40 streams of 720p encode in one PCIe accelerator card
  • Low latency and live video support
  • Transrating, transizing and scaling features
  • Integrated networking features (packet processing up to 40G per board)

Key Benefits

  • Reduce data center deployment costs
  • Reduce data center power consumption and space
  • Customizable video application development environment
  • Pay-as-you-grow, with incremental capacity upgrades
  • Field upgradeable to new codecs (HEVC/H.265) and new networking/DPI features
  • Low power per H.264 video channel