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16 Million Memcached Transactions per Second with Average Latency Under 40μsec

As global network traffic increases, websites compete for a superior user-experience that encourages repeat customer business. The time for a page to load is one of the most important factors in user retention and providing a good experience. Tilera-based servers and appliances provide high performance, low latency and low power in-memory cache clusters, which significantly reduces the latency for page loads.

Key Features

  • Standard 2RU rack mountable platform
  • Standard management and network boot
  • 64 quad-rank DIMMs per 2RU
  • 8 TILE-Gx processors providing 288 64-bit computing cores
  • Up to 24 disks
  • Optional diskless operation
  • Up to 16 x10Gbps Ethernet ports per system
  • Standard open source Memcached

Key Benefits

  • Up to 2 terabytes of memory per 2RU
  • 16 million Memcached TPS under 40μsec of average latency
  • Higher reliability system with diskless operation
  • Ease of management and upgrade
  • Lower cost network connection using as few as one network port per box
  • Low total cost of ownership, using a total of 400 watts for the entire box
  • Up to date with the latest innovations in Memcached