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High Performance and High Density Live Video Processing and Storage Systems

With ubiquitous HD IP camera deployment, the cloud infrastructure is being loaded with an ever growing number of live video feeds, which require real-time processing and storage. IP camera video processing is a unique workload, which requires special acceleration and storage requirements. Tilera processors offer key functions for live video processing and storage systems.

Key Features

  • High performance networked storage control (2-24 PCIe lanes)
  • High performance networking (2Gbps – 80Gbps)
  • Single chip solution for storage, networking and video
  • Standard decode of HD IP camera streams
  • Scalability to many cores per processor

Key Benefits

  • Enables high-density NVR system
  • Supports multiple IP camera feeds
  • Upgradeable to new storage and networking stacks
  • Interoperable with new IP cameras (HEVC/H.265)
  • Programmable video processing (scaling, image merge, alpha blending)