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High Quality, Low Latency, and Low Power Transcoding Solutions for Web Collaboration and Video Conferencing

Video is the media of choice for next generation communication. Offering a virtual reality environment, the video streaming infrastructure must deliver exceptional H.264 quality (HD), low latency, and integration with networking awareness features. Tilera processors offer the convergence of networking and HD video transcode in exceptionally low power, making them ideal for video end-points and cloud video conferencing systems

Key Features

  • Full suite of video transcoders (H.264/H.265)
  • Scalability to many cores per processor
  • Power efficient processors
  • Integrated networking stacks
  • Compatible with standard servers

Key Benefits

  • 20 to over 400 video channels per processor
  • Graceful upgrades for new applications
  • Multi-codec networked end-points
  • Lowest power per video channel (<800mW)
  • Easy and fast deployment