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40Gbps (60Mpps) Software Programmable Lossless Packet Capture

With data traffic exploding, the need for continuous and complete capture is becoming essential for a wide variety of uses like network security, network forensics, network management, eDiscovery and compliance. Together with inline appliances, a full capture of all data flowing through the network enables complete network visibility. This feature is becoming a staple in most service provider, financial and government data centers. The TILE-Gx incorporates high performance interfaces to enable 100% capture of 64B packets at 40Gbps (60Mpps) rates with zero loss, along with the capability to support 80Gbps of burst traffic.

Key Features

  • 40Gbps (60Mpps) line rate packet capture with zero packet loss for 64B packets
  • 80Gbps burst performance
  • Utilizes just 8 Tilera cores for 20Gbps, 16 cores for 40Gbps
  • IEEE 1588v2 hardware time stamp feature
  • Flow-based hashing to deliver flows to specific host side queues
  • Insertion of 64B packet header for proprietary data
  • In-order delivery of packets to the host machine
  • Efficient host-side software API’s

Key Benefits

  • World’s first software programmable packet capture solution
  • 28 high performance cores available for customization and differentiation
  • Ease of use with efficient host API's
  • Enables continuous and complete capture for network analysis, forensics, deep packet inspection and compliance